Noise Resonance Synthesizer in Max

This is one of the posts dedicated to old projects of mine that I deem as cool and worth sharing. Today I’ll talk a bit about a class that I was taking in NCTU from Master Program of Sound and Music Innovative Technologies: Computer Media: MAX/MSP and my final project... [Read More]

Software Checklist

Since I am working with different OS’s and reinstalling them on different devices due to a multitude of reasons (e.g. Windows requires reinstalling every 2-3 years to be stable), I decided to compile a list of software and tools that are essential for me for comfortable usage and/or working. I... [Read More]

Initial Commit

A beginning is half of the work done, right? Well, finally I decided to maintain a blog, where I can share some projects of mine that might be interesting to other people. However, don’t expect eloquent novel-sized passages that appear here weekly. [Read More]
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